Impersonality & the Limitations of AI

Studying with a robot

Although there has been no hiding that peoples infatuation with Artificial Intelligence has been… extreme, the technology still comes with stone cold limitations. The best way to truly define these limitations lies in its inability to truly relate to the human experience. In other words, it’s impersonality. Although the recent emergence of social chatbots, content […]

Why AI Is Bad For Computer Scientists: The Next Job To Go

Software Engineer at Workplace

The global rise of Artificial Intelligence has disrupted the world in ways previously unimaginable. We’re not talking about job loss at the rate of the industrial revolution; no, this is 50 times bigger. At least. I’ve discussed in previous articles why AI is bad and its impact on the job market, such as its impact […]

Why AI Porn Is Bad. It’s worse than you think.

The introduction of generative Artificial Intelligence to every sector of the internet has brought about groundbreaking changes, a lot of them bad – a lot of them very bad. This article will discuss AI’s influence in the realm of pornography, and the ethical, legal and societal concerns it poses. Back in May, we covered the heartbreaking reality of […]

Mo Gawdat on Why AI is Bad: We Are Losing Control

AI artificial intelligence concept - robot hands typing on lit keyboard

Artificial Intelligence could not only start becoming an issue in the world of generative art and music, but it’s starting to look like the end of all of humankind might be a more pressing matter than we first anticipated. Mo Gawdat is the former Chief Business Officer for Google X and happens to be one […]

Technological Singularity: The Last Invention

Robot and human hands pointing to each other.

The terrifying concept of technological singularity has sparked apprehension and fear in the realms of Artificial Intelligence. Though of course, the pro-AI crowd is talking about it as if it’s the second coming of Christ, it’s absolutely crucial that we critically examine the massive negative impacts that such a transformative event could have on society. […]

The EXTREME Risks of ChatGPT-5: Google’s New Warning

AI Chatbot, Artificial intelligence Technology Concept

Artificial Intelligence continues to develop at an incredibly rapid pace, and it is now becoming more concerning than ever. When you truly start to understand the bizarre unpredictabilities and risks of ChatGPT, it comes as no surprise to anyone that people like Elon Musk and other great researchers attempted to halt the development of the […]

Can AI Achieve Self-Awareness?

blue eye close up

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past year, you know that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made some absolutely remarkable strides very quickly. Actually, scratch that. Even if you have been living under a rock, you’d still know, because everyone is talking about it, all the time. Even under rocks. From invading your […]

Italy’s Ban on ChatGPT & Why It Should Terrify You

Since OpenAI released ChatGPT at the end of 2022, the AI language model quickly took over the internet by storm. Every single nook and cranny of the web has been infiltrated by Artificial Intelligence of some kind, and too often in a bad way. Italy, along with a few other countries, banned ChatGPT for this […]