Impersonality & the Limitations of AI

Studying with a robot

Although there has been no hiding that peoples infatuation with Artificial Intelligence has been… extreme, the technology still comes with stone cold limitations. The best way to truly define these limitations lies in its inability to truly relate to the human experience. In other words, it’s impersonality. Although the recent emergence of social chatbots, content […]

5 Reasons Why AI Is Bad For Society

Artificial intelligence concept

Artificial Intelligence is having a seriously dangerous impact on society in 2023, and it is only going to get worse. As is evident in our poll compilation on the public’s opinion on Artificial Intelligence, most people are well aware of the negative impacts that AI has on our society – but do they know why? […]

Why AI is Bad for Content: An Infinite Feedback Loop of Bullshit

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There are a million reasons why AI is bad for content, but this article will focus on the extremities that come with it’s wild, made-up imagination and its evil circle of self-training. The absolute nuts influx of AI content on the internet is nothing new to most people. Since the release of large-scale language models […]

The EXTREME Risks of ChatGPT-5: Google’s New Warning

AI Chatbot, Artificial intelligence Technology Concept

Artificial Intelligence continues to develop at an incredibly rapid pace, and it is now becoming more concerning than ever. When you truly start to understand the bizarre unpredictabilities and risks of ChatGPT, it comes as no surprise to anyone that people like Elon Musk and other great researchers attempted to halt the development of the […]

Experts On Why AI is Bad: A Grim Future

Letter with seal on table

wExperts are terrified of AI, and at the end of March more than 1,000 of our greatest technological leaders, researchers and major developers working with Artificial Intelligence signed an open letter warning how Artificial Intelligence technologies are currently posing a profound risk to society, humanity, and our technological future. The letter, which also contains Elon […]

Why Neural Networks Are Called Black Boxes & Why This Is A Serious Problem

One of the major issues with modern-day Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially when it comes to widespread language models such as ChatGPT, is the lack of transparency. I have already discussed the problematic OpenAI’s lack of transparency, which you can read about here. But today we will delve deeper into why attaining this transparency is so […]

AI In Children’s Toys: A Question of Ethics, Privacy & Safety

Honestly just the sentence “AI in children’s toys” immediately sends a chill down my spine. The fact that anyone could ever allow Artificial Intelligence to infiltrate their home in such a dangerous and unethical way speaks volumes to the ignorance of the general public on the topic. Listen, at no point am I saying that […]