What Is The Difference Between AI and Machine Learning?

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In this article, I aim to explain as clearly as possible what is the difference between AI and Machine Learning -(ML) as it is a crucial distinction to be aware of. The first step in the fight against AI is education. Let’s get educated.

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The Difference Between AI and Machine Learning

Think of Artificial Intelligence as a brain, just like ours. It starts small, like an infant, and over time grows bigger and bigger the more data it is fed. Unlike us, AI cannot be sent out in the world to gain experiences, empathy, and emotional intelligence.

It doesn’t learn math by going to fifth period with Mrs. Darcy, but by sitting in an empty room and reading massive quantities of data. AI is the all-encompassing technology of the topic.

AI is the brain – Machine Learning is the school.

Machine Learning is how Artificial Intelligence takes in information. It is AI’s version of having a math teacher, like Mrs. Darcy. This technology is designed to let Artificial Intelligence scrape (Read pages on the internet) in large amounts, which is what makes it increasingly intelligent and more sophisticated with time.

Machine Learning uses algorithms and statistical models to enable AI or machines to recognize patterns in data, make predictions, and, as a result, improve performance over time. Think of software such as image recognition, natural language processing, or Google ads recommendations–all these features make use of Machine Learning!

To put it in simple terms: AI is the brain, and machine learning is its very sophisticated teacher.

Why is the Distinction Important?

As an anti-AI blog, I need to make it clear that machine learning on its own is a mostly good, harmless, and important technology. It has been around since the birth of the internet and through algorithms continuously improves on itself and the technology it is assisting.

The issue arises because of the way that it works alongside AI.

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The main reason that Artificial Intelligence has become so overly sophisticated and is learning so quickly is precise because of machine learning. On its own, ML is a great technology that can benefit many sectors, but combined with language models like ChatGPT or other more dangerous AI technologies, the consequences will be detrimental.

Every day, AI is learning how humans work and taking in information from such a large number of sources that there might one day be no way to keep it in check. That’s why people like Max Tegmark are putting so much effort into halting the development of AI technology.

We need congressional and government regulations to ensure the safety of the human race and our future.

Stay Educated about AI Technology!

Education about information technology in today’s age is more important than ever. Just last year I would never have dreamed of the scary quick progress that AI has made, but it is clear now that people need to know the distinction between real and fake.

Through ML, Artificial Intelligence learns quicker than any human ever could – and it might just be a matter of time before we’ve created something so much smarter than we are. Something so smart that we are unable to stop it.

We don’t even need to fear Artificial Intelligence if we could just get some government regulations on the technology. A way for us to see that we are safe. Even Elon Musk, one of the co-founders of OpenAI, has come out and said that we need to watch the development of AI closer.

The fact that massive corporations and technology developers such as OpenAI are allowed to go full force ahead, completely unchecked, is going to lead to dire consequences.

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Make sure that you stay educated. That you stay in the know. And that you do everything you can to keep yourself and your family safe from AI.

You can find lots of other articles covering the development and dangers of AI on my blog, and if you’re a content creator yourself I highly encourage you to use any of our free icons to show that your content is 100% human-made.


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