Is Copywriting Dead? The Power of Human Touch in the Age of AI

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Today’s super-paced tech world has seen a rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. One of the greatest concerns I’ve noticed in the realm of freelancers and content creators in recent months is how the rise of sophisticated AI language models like ChatGPT could make copywriting skills obsolete. But is copywriting really dead? […]

Boost Your Google SEO with a Human-Created Badge: Learn How

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If you’re a content creator, you know that one of the most important and concurrently difficult parts of the job is marketing. It can be challenging to get your blog or content noticed among the vast sea of the internet, which nearly 5 billion people use regularly. However, it is not at all impossible – […]

The Importance of the Human Touch: 7 Reasons Why I Prefer Human-Created Content

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) language models such as ChatGPT and image generators such as MidJourney have taken over all content production on the internet. This means that a lot of the content you consume, even if you don’t realize it, wasn’t made by a person but rather a result of complex prompts fed into an AI […]