The Immediate Impact of AI on Freelancers (Spoiler: It’s Not Good)

Freelance stress. Male freelancer tired after work on laptop at home, having problems with project

There’s no hiding that the arrival of Artificial Intelligence in recent years has brought a seismic shift in how we work, particularly in the freelance sectors. Professionals working for themselves, who constitute a significant portion of the global workforce, especially in the age of digital nomads, are finding themselves at the forefront of a technological […]

7 Reasons Why AI Is Bad For Graphic Designers

Graphic Designer Working in Office

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the world in all manner of industries, but some are hurting more than others. Unfortunately, graphic designers are some of the people who are currently taking part in generative AI the most, but will also be some of the first to be completely replaced by it. There are countless reasons as […]

5 Reasons Why AI is Bad for Journalism

Android AI robot speaking at the press conference

There’s no hiding that Artificial Intelligence has infested itself in every nook and cranny of the modern world. Al algorithms force what entertainment you see, which news is exposed to you, and what you should feel about depending on which “sector” of the internet you’re on. E.g “conservative-tok”, “liberal-tok”, and “Andrew Tate-tok”. More often than […]

Why AI Is Bad For Gaming & The Video Game Industry

AI artificial intelligence concept - robot hands typing on lit keyboard

Artificial Intelligence’s introduction into the gaming industry in recent years has been a horrible one. I’m not talking about the non-player characters (NPC) artificial intelligence that exists in all video games. That’s nothing but prebuilt code that mimics how you act within a certain game. Such as Mimic Tear in Elden Ring which is designed […]

Why AI is Bad For Paralegals

Businessman thinking at office

Legal research and document reviews are incredibly important and critical tasks in the legal profession, and they take a lot of time and effort. These jobs are typically done by paralegals, who often function as assistants to attorneys, lawyers, and other related professionals. Meaning that WHY AI is bad for paralegals comes down to a […]

The End of Banktellers: Why AI is Bad For Bankers

Robot and machine learning

The surge in Artificial Intelligence over the past year caught many people off guard, like a jarring dip into an icy bath. However, there’s one group that wasn’t surprised when AI started replacing millions of jobs: the bankers. AI has been integrated into the banking industry in all sorts of ways for many, many years […]

Losing to AI: Why is AI Bad For Translators?

Translator. Select language. Learning, translate languages conce

There is no secret that the AI boom has taken quite its toll on the job market in the last year, and I will here take a look at why is AI bad for translators. It feels like no matter where you look, jobs are being replaced by soulless robots designed to mass-generate outputs that […]

Mo Gawdat on Why AI is Bad: We Are Losing Control

AI artificial intelligence concept - robot hands typing on lit keyboard

Artificial Intelligence could not only start becoming an issue in the world of generative art and music, but it’s starting to look like the end of all of humankind might be a more pressing matter than we first anticipated. Mo Gawdat is the former Chief Business Officer for Google X and happens to be one […]