Why AI is Bad For The Economy: Inevitable Job Disruption

Artificial intelligence in financial activities

We are learning more and more every day about why AI is bad for the economy, and it all boils down to a level of job disruption we have never seen the like of before. Did you know that automation technology has been the main source of income inequality in the United States for over […]

The Problem With AI-Generated Music: The Imminent Death of Originality

Robot Plays the Piano

Just like all other art forms, Artificial Intelligence has managed to infiltrate and fester into what was once a beautiful and respected industry. The reality is that AI-generated Music is getting scary good, and this is going to have absolutely devastating consequences for an industry that simply isn’t ready to handle its impact. To give […]

Experts On Why AI is Bad: A Grim Future

Letter with seal on table

wExperts are terrified of AI, and at the end of March more than 1,000 of our greatest technological leaders, researchers and major developers working with Artificial Intelligence signed an open letter warning how Artificial Intelligence technologies are currently posing a profound risk to society, humanity, and our technological future. The letter, which also contains Elon […]

A Heartbreaking Reality: The Problem With AI-Generated Porn

There are few things more horrifying than the idea of finding explicit photos and videos of yourself on the internet, and even more so when not only did you not post the media yourself – you never even committed any explicit act in the first place. Just the idea of AI-generated porn is terrifying, but […]

Why AI Art Is Bad

Arguably the greatest tragedy that has emerged from the widespread use of Artificial Intelligence and generative AI is the toll it has taken on some of the world’s most talented artists. The imagery might look pretty, but are you aware of the real problem with AI-generated art? Imagine spending your entire life perfecting an art, […]

AI In Children’s Toys: A Question of Ethics, Privacy & Safety

Honestly just the sentence “AI in children’s toys” immediately sends a chill down my spine. The fact that anyone could ever allow Artificial Intelligence to infiltrate their home in such a dangerous and unethical way speaks volumes to the ignorance of the general public on the topic. Listen, at no point am I saying that […]

The Social-Emotional Consequences of AI: Friend or Machine?

The development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has always been just “another technology” for most people. A silent development in the background, with the occasional movie on how AI will take over the world spicing up our perception of it every now and then. However, with the introduction of ChatGPT on November 30, 2022 – AI […]

Detecting AI: An Impossible Distinction?

It seems every single week a new story about the detrimental consequences of AI hits most major news outlets, yet it is continuously swept under a rug of ignorance and apathy. The latest in a string of stories about detecting AI and the Artificial Intelligence takeover, is the tale of German photographer Boris Eldagsen’s entry […]

The Danger of ChatGPT & The Mass Production of Misinformation in AI

More and more content across the internet is now being mass-produced by AI language models such as ChatGPT. However, few people seem to talk about the dangers and drawbacks of relying on information from a machine that not only lacks emotional intelligence and human empathy but also doesn’t even have access to information from after […]