The Danger of ChatGPT & The Mass Production of Misinformation in AI

More and more content across the internet is now being mass-produced by AI language models such as ChatGPT. However, few people seem to talk about the dangers and drawbacks of relying on information from a machine that not only lacks emotional intelligence and human empathy but also doesn’t even have access to information from after […]

Why AI is Bad For Ethics & Moral Dilemmas

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Bias and ethical dilemmas have been around since the dawn of humanity. As we go through life, we are constantly confronted with impossible decisions. While some choices may be better than others, many times there is simply no clear-cut right answer. Morals depend on the person. Are you ethical? Is AI ethical? What happens when […]

Is Copywriting Dead? The Power of Human Touch in the Age of AI

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Today’s super-paced tech world has seen a rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. One of the greatest concerns I’ve noticed in the realm of freelancers and content creators in recent months is how the rise of sophisticated AI language models like ChatGPT could make copywriting skills obsolete. But is copywriting really dead? […]

Watch Out! AI Will Eliminate White Collar Jobs And These 4 Are Next

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You may have heard about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken over the job market and livelihoods of a variety of professions such as copywriters, artists, bloggers, and customer service. But as AI continues to grow, so does its influence on the job market. This means that AI soon won’t just be taking over minimum-wage […]

The AI Brainwash: 6 Ways AI Is Destroying Our Mental Health

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has in the span of just a few years managed to take over the world, and maybe even the human brain. As a result, dire and dangerous consequences are emerging – and it is worse than ever before. The research is clear: AI is destroying our mental health. In previous articles, I’ve […]

Save The Future: Why AI Is Bad For Our Children’s Development

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Artificial Intelligence is a scary prospect in itself. Just by observing the lack of congressional AI regulations and concerns around AI’s inevitable negative impact on people’s livelihood, wars, terror, and the very destruction of our democracy, we can see that there is a lot to be terrified about. Yet there is one topic that I […]

Why AI Is Bad For Customer Service Jobs

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The greatest fear and reservations the general public tends to have regarding the influx of Artificial intelligence is the sheer number of jobs it’s taking from hardworking men and women all over the world. Unfortunately, their fear is justified.