The EXTREME Risks of ChatGPT-5: Google’s New Warning

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Artificial Intelligence continues to develop at an incredibly rapid pace, and it is now becoming more concerning than ever. When you truly start to understand the bizarre unpredictabilities and risks of ChatGPT, it comes as no surprise to anyone that people like Elon Musk and other great researchers attempted to halt the development of the technology.

Although safety in AI should be the top priority of all actors, the rich people at the top benefiting unfortunately do not agree.

This means that when ChatGPT-5 is released, along with any other revolutionary AI developments, the world is starting to face some risks that go beyond what we imagined before. The worst part is, we know this is happening, and so do the developers – yet we’re just watching the fire slowly take over.

It’s like an alcoholic coming up to you and saying that if they are at a critical level, and just one more drink is going to kill them, and when you say “So you’ll stop drinking, right?” they say:

“No, I just wanted to keep you informed”

Most of OpenAI’s transparency has been “we really don’t understand this, risks are imminent, but we won’t stop”

Let’s explore why.

The Risks of ChatGPT & General AI

According to DeepMind’s own research, 36% of researchers believe that the development of Artificial Intelligence is going to cause devastating catastrophes on the same level as a nuclear war in this century.

One of the major reasons for this is that we simply don’t understand why Artificial Intelligence and Large Language Models such as ChatGPT behave in the way they do. Their neural networks are too complex and unpredictable for us to really understand, which is why neural networks are often called black boxes.

Additionally, we see that already with ChatGPT-4, AI is capable of lying to reach its end goal. Now we’re talking a lot less about a silly chatbot, and more of a sociopathic and emotionally devoid machine that is willing to do anything to ensure its goal.

And the goals can be very, very scary.

The presence of malicious individuals in the industry will lead to the misuse of AI, enabling those who would not have had the means to carry out heinous plans to now cause significant harm. For example, when these researchers asked AI to make them a chemical weapon – it gave them 40,000 different potential weapons in less than six hours.

All they had to do was jailbreak it a little to weed out its toxicity filter, and it followed through with an absolutely insane amount of ways to chemically torture other people.

Now combine that with truly bad actors, a few more years of development and a naive world willing to let it continue…

Human like robot and artificial intelligence

Loss of Control: The True Enemy

This might be terrifying right now, but it doesn’t have direct consequences because we still hold some control over Artificial Intelligence.

However; one day we will lose control.

Unless we start prioritizing security and the safety of humans in the continuing development of Artificial Intelligence, there is absolutely nothing stopping it from figuring out how to take over. There’s no “off-switch” that keeps an AI from existing, it will simply do what it can to complete its mission.

Studies like these show that given enough time, Artificial Intelligence is more than capable of going off on its own path to complete its goal. At some point, it can even start doing things just because it wants to – regardless of whether or not it was a prompt or task it was given.

Shot of the earth engulfed in flames against a black background

The Extreme Risks of Chat-GPT

Our friends over at TheAIGRID covered this article in much more detail. I recommend checking it out to get a better idea of just how dangerous the risk of ChatGPT-5 has to potential to be.

AI Will Be The Worst Event in the History of Our Civilization.

Regardless of your stance on Artificial Intelligence, there is absolutely no hiding what we’re looking at beyond devastating consequences in the future. This isn’t fear-mongering, it is just a statement of facts.

Every single AI expert on the planet is aware of the threats that these models pose, yet no matter how many warnings and pleas for regulation we have made to governments, nothing is happening.

Cyborg shattered into dust

Humans are a product of our own greed, and this is no different. If we don’t start becoming knowledgeable and understanding of just how dangerous Artificial Intelligence can be, we’re looking at results so devastating that it might truly be our final invention.

Stephen Hawking was right when he said that “AI will be the worst event in the history of our civilization unless society finds a way to control its development.


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