The Dangers of AI: A Threat To Our Democracy


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The world’s response to the massive influx of Artificial intelligence so far has been overwhelmingly positive, to the point that few people have actually sat down and realized the true consequences and dangers of AI.

As more and more lives are being negatively impacted by the emergence of AI, and as more universities and media outlets start experiencing the detrimental effects of language models such as ChatGPT, the Anti-AI movement is finally starting to gain some real traction.

More and more people are learning that AI is going to do a lot more harm than some high school plagiarism. AI will strip people of their livelihoods, integrity, and trust – and as a result, topple our very democracy.

Dr. Gary Marcus On the Dangers of AI

Check out this CNN interview with NYU neuroscientist and AI expert, Dr. Gary Marcus who discusses the many dangers and worries regarding Artificial Intelligence.

Evaluating the idea of the “Jurassic Park Moment,” Dr. Marcus investigates organizations such as Open AI and their daring scientific breakthroughs, questioning if they’ve become too caught up in believing that something can be done without stopping for a second to consider whether it should be done.

dangers of AI

One of the scariest sectors of Artificial Intelligence to date has been the use of deep fakes, bots, and voice programs that help spread misinformation and distrust. One of Dr. Marcus’ biggest worries concerns how AI has the ability to straight uyp twist elections, and as a result, be a detriment to democracy.

The world is filled to the brink with people that have bad intentions, and those people can now copy themselves infinitely with the use of AI. Remember that Artificial Intelligence is only as “intelligent” as the data it is provided, and it does not have any regard for other people. AI cannot comprehend empathy, morals, or justice – it is simply a programmed string of code.

This means that bad actors can and will create harmful misinformation in record numbers, and overwhelm the internet and unknowing public in a way that was never feasible before. Since this is such a new threat, people are not prepared or educated enough to tackle the challenges ahead – this is why it is so important that we do everything we can to be aware of the dangers that AI imposes.

The Steps You Can Take

The looming threats of AI are nothing to scoff at, but it can be difficult to know exactly what we can do to make sure that we take all possible measures to prevent artificial content from appearing on the internet. For this, there are a few steps that you can take to ensure your safety online:

#1: Think twice about what you’re reading when consuming content online.

Always think twice when reading a piece of content. No matter what the source is, there is no guarantee that someone didn’t just prompt something into ChatGPT, hit copy+paste, and called it a day. It can be near impossible to distinguish the writing of a real person and AI language models, and I don’t expect you to always know – just be aware.

Tom Cruise Deepfake

#2: Before you pass judgment on any outrageous statement made by a public figure, take the time to make sure that it is actually them who said it.

If you see or hear a famous celebrity, politician or other public figure say something completely out-of-line from what they usually say (such as the Tom Cruise deep-fake example used by CNN) – think twice before reacting or sharing. It might be fake.

#3: Ensure your readers that your content is human-made

When you publish or write a piece of content, ensure your readers and consumers that the content is made by a human. The easiest way to do so is to download any of our free icons on our website, which will link to a statement ensuring the absence of Artificial Intelligence.

#4: Protect your data, because I guarantee AI is using your information right this second

The reality is that personal privacy is being stripped away from all citizens of the western world. It is one of the most dangerous aspects of AI, yet nothing seems to be done about it. Learn how you can be aware of AI’s invasion of your privacy in our article: “The Modern-Day Plague – 5 Ways AI Is Invading Your Privacy Right Now

AI: The Silent Killer That Lurks Among Us

There is a very real chance that Artificial Intelligence is going to do much more harm than simply bothering Universities’ plagiarism departments and taking jobs away from people. If it is left unchecked and moves at the rate it has so far, it will break down the very core of our society.

Remain informed and vigilant of the truth. By being mindful of the potential hazards that AI can pose, and proactively taking steps to protect yourself from them, you will be able to safeguard both your and your family’s future.

Do what you can to prevent soulless machines from taking over our lives and say no to AI.


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