Watch Out! AI Will Eliminate White Collar Jobs And These 4 Are Next

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You may have heard about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken over the job market and livelihoods of a variety of professions such as copywriters, artists, bloggers, and customer service. But as AI continues to grow, so does its influence on the job market.

This means that AI soon won’t just be taking over minimum-wage jobs, but professions that typically require more experience, expertise, and education. Jobs that have high salaries, bigger teams and carry some form of market prestige. Reality is this: AI will eliminate white collar jobs.

McKinsey predicts that by 2030 up to 800 million people could lose their jobs to AI, and we’re already seeing huge shifts in a variety of professions. In this article, I will go through the top four white-collar jobs that Artificial Intelligence is likely to replace within a very short span of time.

Data Entry Analysts

Data Entry Analysts have been a solid profession in a vast number of corporations since the birth of the Internet. They enter data, retrieve data, look for patterns, maintain records, and use that information to help upper management make informed decisions within their respective companies.

However, AI can automate this process incredibly easy by using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to recognize patterns in data, which it can then efficiently enter into a CRM, sheets or whatever system a company is using.

OCR technology is becoming incredibly advanced and can now both read and understand printed and handwritten text. It can convert any information to any program, and it can analyze massive volumes of data in a matter of seconds.

OCR technology is going to be significantly better than humans for a lot of companies because it can recognize patterns and algorithms in data that humans struggle to see. It can also analyze absolutely insane volumes of code and data in just a matter of seconds, and identify the correlations and trends much quicker than a human.

Because of this, the need for data analysts will be almost completely eliminated.

Salary Range Eliminated: $45-75k.

AI will eliminate white collar jobs.


Artificial Intelligence is the master of routine, numbers, and automation. Meaning that a job like accounting, which is heavily reliant on bookkeeping tasks, will be tossed in the bin the second AI becomes advanced enough.

AI uses machine learning algorithms to automatically categorize transactions based on predefined rules, eliminating the need for human input. What’s more, is AI’s ability to scan and process invoices and then do the required data entry for each job and task very quickly.

Not only will this eliminate human tasks because it’s cheaper, but it’s also faster and more accurate.

AI is incredibly efficient at comparisons, so it can effectively take over the job of reconciliation, which is when accountants compare different financial records to make sure they match.

Since AI can quickly and accurately compare massive amounts of financial data and identify the relevant discrepancies that humans cannot find, it is arguably a better accountant than most people could ever be.

Salary Range: $77-$120k

Accountant is calculate the budget.


Legal research and document reviews are incredibly important and critical tasks in the legal profession, and it takes a lot of time and effort. These jobs are typically done by paralegals, who often function as assistants to attorneys, lawyers, and other related professionals.

Artificial Intelligence has the ability to completely automate all aspects of what a paralegal does, from research to document review, and as a result, will eventually remove the need for this profession to exist in the Western world.

AI-powered document review tools have the ability to analyze massive volumes of legal documents, such as contracts and court filings, and then identify all the relevant information it sees based on predefined criteria.

As an example, AI can quickly scan through literally thousands of pages of legal documents to find one specific case, word, phrase, or story relevant to a legal case. It can analyze legal precedents in just a few seconds, and accurately identify relevant cases and statutes based on a specific set of criteria.

This is often the job of paralegals to figure out, but since an AI can do it cheaper, faster, and more accurately – the need for paralegals might be completely eliminated very soon.

Salary Range: $65-$85k

Business man standing at desk

Software Engineers

Being one of the most sought-after jobs of the last decade, software engineering has dominated the tech industry as one of the highest-paid jobs right out of college. However, the number of jobs might significantly diminish now that AI is taking over the market.

AI can automate almost all aspects of software engineering, such as coding and testing. Since Artificial Intelligence can use natural language processing techniques, it can generate code from written specifications and design diagrams. It can also use machine learning algorithms to automatically test software and identify bugs.

With AI-powered tools, companies can work more efficiently by automating routine tasks and providing insights into code performance and quality. With these code view tools, half the job of software engineers just dissipates, as the AI can identify issues or bugs in code incredibly efficiently, and optimize resource allocation, and project timelines.

Instead of having a team of software engineers, so much of the job is automated now with AI that massive layoffs are imminent, and soon companies will prefer to just have one “project manager” that oversees the work of the AI.

Salary Range: $75k-110k

Software Engineer Working
Software Engineer Working

Be Prepared: AI WILL Eliminate White Collar Jobs Aswell

The rise of Artificial Intelligence in the world today is an imminent and unavoidable reality. Companies and corporations will always look for the cheapest path of least resistance, and if that means lower quality of work, that does not matter as long as it saves them money.

One of the reasons that we as people have allowed everything to get this far, is because for a lot of people it never affected them. But times are changing, and soon AI will eliminate white collar jobs. Then what happens?

We’re already seeing massive layoffs in a variety of sectors because of AI, and this trend is just going to continue down the line. No matter what your job is, there is a big chance that you and your colleagues might either be replaced, or at least partially replaced, by a soulless and dead machine.

There are currently no congressional regulations to ensure that AI technology is moving at a pace that will ultimately benefit the world, and not just big corporations and the billionaires that own them.

As a result, it’s crucial that we stand up to AI in our own sense, to ensure that human-powered work always comes first. The greatest thing you can do is ensure that you only produce and consume human-made content.

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